M.Sc. theses

Vrontaki Evaggelia, 1998, Processing and interpretation of geophysical data from the archaeological site of Itanos, Lasithi, Crete.

Georgila Kleopatra, 1998, Contribution of the seismic reflection methods in hydrogeology.

Kokkinou Eleni, 1998, Application of seismic tomography in marine seismic data in Ionian sea.

Ganiatsos Ioannis, 2000, Geolectrical tomography in three dimensions.

Sourlas George, 2000, Contribution of geophysical techniques in the research of buried antiquities in Itanos, Lasithi.

Poulioudis George, 2001, Methods of ground penetrating radar data processing.

Kritikakis George, 2001, Velocity determination of S-waves from surface waves.

Spanoudakis Nikos, 2002, Development of GPR data processing methods for environmental applications.

Economou Nikos, 2002, Presentation and interpretation of geophysical data using Geographical Information Systems.

Hamdan Hamdan, 2004, Development of a multiples suppression method for GPR data over environmental problems.

Choreutaki Georgia, 2006, Development of GPR data processing method for the detection of voids in marbles: Application at the Zoforon Mines, Herakleion.

Antoniou Antonis, 2007, Contribution of the GPR method to the detection of soil  contamination by hydrocarbons.

Michalakis Ioannis, 2007, Contribution of the electrical tomography method to the monitoring of sea water intrusion, before, during and after pumping tests at Faraggi, Apokoronas.

Manataki Meropi, 2013, Development of Empirical Mode Decomposition method in MatLab, for GPR data processing: Application on GPR data from archaeological sites.