PI: Principal Investigator (coordinator)

  1. Geophysical survey at the ancient city of Itanos, Lasithi, Crete, Greece (1995-2001).  Funded by the French Archaeological School of Athens. PI: A.Vafidis.
  2. Passive and active seismics in Western and Central Crete, Greece (1996 – 2006).  Funded by the German Science Foundation. PI: H-P Harjes.
  3. Geophysical survey for antiquities at Alexandria, Egypt (6/2000). Funded by the Foundation of Research and Technology, Greece (6/2000). PI: A. Sarris.
  4. Geophysical survey for hydrogeological purposes at Kalimnos island (2001). Funded by the Kalimnos Municipality. PI: G. Tsokas.
  5.  Geological and geophysical survey of Vasilies village (2001-2002). Funded by Heraklion Municipality PI: D. Monopolis.
  6. Artificial lakes in West Crete: Geophysical survey at Kountoura. Funded by the Pelekanos Municipality (2003-2004). PI: A. Vafidis.
  7. Hybrid Geophysical technology for the Evaluation of Insidious contaminated Areas (HYGEIA) (2001-2005). Funded by the European Union. PI: A. Vafidis.
  8. Monitoring of soil and groundwater pollution from petroleum products using modern geophysical methods (2004–2006). Funded by the General Secretariat of Research and Development, Greece. PI: A. Vafidis.
  9. Groundwater management and protection from saline water intrusion (2004 – 2005). Funded by the General Secretariat of Research and Development, Greece. PI: A. Vafidis.
  10. Hybrid geophysical survey for imaging the saline water front at Stilos, Chania Prefecture, Greece (2005-2006). Funded by the Ministry of Education. PI: A. Vafidis.
  11. Methodology for standardized geotechnical investigations combining geological, geophysical, drilling and experimental data, Funded by the Ministry of Education. PI: Agioutantis.
  12. Exploring the Geodynamics of Sub ducted Lithosphere using an Amphibian Deployment of Seismographs” (EGELADOS). PI: H-P. Harjes.
  13. Geophysical survey on the E65 national road, Greece.  Applied Geophysics Lab and ISTRIA Ltd. (7/3/2006-6/4/2006). PI: A. Vafidis.
  14. Geophysical survey on Ionian national road, Greece. Applied Geophysics Lab and ISTRIA Ltd. (2/7/2007-31/8/2007). PI: A. Vafidis.
  15. Geophysical survey on the E55 national road Greece.  Applied Geophysics Lab and ISTRIA Ltd. (19/5/2008-18/12/2008). PI: A. Vafidis.
  16. Geophysical survey at coastal areas on Crete and nearby small islands,  JUNICOAST, LIFE07NAT/GR/000296. Applied Geophysics Lab. was a subcontractor of MAICH (1/5/2009-30/6/2010). PI: A. Vafidis.
  17. Geophysical survey at the Loutsa Remeri quarry, Applied Geophysics Lab. and Titan AE (25/1/2010-24/4/2010). PI: A. Vafidis
  18. Geophysical survey at the Kelefina dum, Sparti, Greece, Applied Geophysics Lab and ISTRIA Ltd. (1/9/2010-30/12/2010). PI: A. Vafidis.
  19. Geophysical survey at Mallia, Crete, Greece,  Applied Geophysics Lab and ISTRIA Ltd. (1/7/2011-30/10/2011). PI: A. Vafidis.
  20. Geotechnical evaluation of carbonates at the Electrical Company of Greece mines, Geomechanics Lab and Applied Geophysics Lab of TUC (7/2012-3/2013). PI: Agioutantis.
  21. “geophysiCaL basEd hydrogeologicAL modeling to pRevent pollution from sea WATER intrusion at coastal areas- CLEARWATER”, BLACK SEA ERA.NET – Pilot Joint Call – Networking on Science and Technology in the Black Sea Region. Thematic Focus 1.2 Water pollution prevention options for coastal zones and tourist areas. Technical University of Crete, Chania, Ankara University, Ankara and Greifswald University, Greifswald (1/2/2012-30/1/2015). PI: A. Vafidis.
  22. THALIS, Hellenic Republic, Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, funded by ESPA. Title of the sub-program “GEOTECHNICAL CHARACTERIZATION OF SELECTED AREAS IN CRETE USING GEOPHYSICAL AND GEOTECHNICAL METHODS”, Acronym: GEOCHARACTERIZATION. Cooperation of TUC, NTUA, ITSAK, TEI-Crete and IMS-FORTH (1/2/2012 – 30/9/2015). PI: A. Vafidis.
  23. Geophysical investigation using electrical tomography at the Loutsa-Remeri quarry. Funded by TITAN cements ltd. Applied Geophysics Lab. (7/2012-10/2012). PI: A. Vafidis.
  24. Additional works for the delineation of the Omalos polje dam, including the environmental effects estimation due to its construction. Municipality of Innachorion and Technical University of Crete. PI: A. Vafidis (7/2012-10/2012).
  25. TUD COST Action TU1208 Civil Engineering Applications of Ground Penetrating Radar (4/4/2013-3/4/2017). This action consists of several working groups (WG) and “Projects”. PI: Lara Pajewski.
  26. ISTRIA. Development of an integrated rock fall monitoring and prediction system. Synergasia 2011-Greek National Organization of Research and Technology. (5/2012-5/2015). PI: G. Exadaktylos.
  27. BEWEXMIN-Bucket wheel excavators operating under difficult mining conditions including unmineable inclusions and geological structures with excessive mining resistance. RFCR-CT-2015-00003 (1/09/2015- 31/08/2018). EUROPEAN COMMISION. PI: G. Galetakis.