Work Package 1

WP 1: Site selection – Collection and evaluation of all available geological and hydrogeological data and creation of detailed geological map of the selected area(s).

The first task concerned finding the appropriate sites for applying the proposed methodology. The selected sites are located at Turkey and Greece. The creation of a 3D geological model for the selected areas is the second task, while the third task regards the analysis of the available hydrogeological data.


WP1.1: Site Selection

Two regions were chosen (Tybaki in Greece and Bafra in Turkey) based upon three basic criteria:

  • The site should face sea water intrusion problems at early   stages and have agricultural, tourist or any other economical and social activity.
  •  It should be located in the Black Sea region or in other region facing similar sea water intrusion problems.
  • Access to geological – hydrogeological data and boreholes.
    Partners: Technical University of Crete and  Ankara University.

WP1.2: 2D and 3D geological and hydrogeological modeling

WP1.3: Analysis of the available hydrogeological data

  • Derivation of petrophysical characteristics assigned to each of the observed lithofacies.
  • Petrophysical analysis of the selected logs and field samples.
  • Petrophysical distribution laws and correlation coefficients between variables for each lithofacies association.
    Partners: Technical University of CreteAnkara University
      and Greifswald University