Technical University of Crete (TUC)


Technical University of Crete (TUC), Greece – School of Mineral Resources Engineering (Coordinator)

The School of Mineral Resources Engineering belongs to the Technical University of Crete, Greece (TUC), and aims at educating engineers in a broad range of scientific and technical activities relating to exploration and exploitation of mineral resources.

Name: Professor Vafidis Antonis
Telephone: +302821037643
Fax: +302821069554

This team consists mainly of two laboratories and one research unit:

Laboratory of Applied Geophysics
Prof.: Vafidis A.
Research Assoc.: Andronikidis N., Economou N., Hamdan H., Kritikakis G.,Panagopoulos G., Kourgialas N.
Soupios P. (Prof. of Technolog. Inst. Of Crete)

Laboratory of Applied Geology
Assis. Prof.: Steiakakis E.

Research Geology Unit                                                                                                Prof.: Manoutsoglou E.

The Laboratory of Applied Geophysics is specialized in planning, conducting, processing and interpretation of near surface geophysical methods. Since 1990, this laboratory, conducted numerous international and national projects regarding water resources detection, ground water and soil contamination. The processing of geophysical data is one of the main research interests of this laboratory. Recently two PhD theses were accomplished regarding the non linear inversion of electric and seismic data.

The Laboratory of Applied Geology and the Research Geology Unit on the other hand, provide the essential knowledge on geological and hydrogeological issues. Members of these laboratories have expertise in field geological mapping, creating 3D geological/hydrogeological models and water management projects.