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Greifswald University (GU) – Institute of Geography and Geology – Department of Applied Geology

The Department of Applied Geology belongs to the Institute of Geography and Geology at Greifswald University (GU), Germany, and aims in educating geologists, geographers and environmental scientists in the field of hydrogeology, hydrogeochemistry, applied geophysics and mathematical geosciences.

Name: Professor Schafmeister Maria-Theresia
Telephone: +49-(0)-3834-864592
Fax: +49-(0)-3834-864559

The Department of Applied Geology within the Institute of Geography and Geology consist of   Prof.: Schafmeister, M.
Lecturers: Dr. Meyer, T. (hydrogeology), Dr. Büttner, G. (geophysics)   Research Assoc.: Makowski, K. Dirwelis, S., and Falko R.

The Department of Applied Geology at Greifswald University combines expertise ranging from hydrogeology and hydrogeochemical analytics to applied geophysics. These research subjects are strongly linked by the discipline mathematical geosciences including geostatistics, GIS, groundwater flow and contaminant transport modeling, and stochastic simulations.

The main research activities are related to the geographical position of Greifswald University at the southern coast of the brackish Baltic Sea Several investigations of the research team deal with groundwater management problems, including groundwater recharge estimation with respect to changing climate and land use, aquifer compaction due to groundwater extraction, and quantification of submarine groundwater discharge at selected sites at the southern Baltic. Their hydrogeological investigations of coastal aquifers at the southern Baltic are strongly supported by the geophysical subgroup of our team. Thermo-hydraulic modeling of volcanic islands further complements the group’s skills.

Members of the Greifswald group are especially trained in 3D geological modeling of subsurface aquifer heterogeneities by means of geostatistical simulation in order to quantify uncertainties and provide reliability measures of predictions.