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Ankara University (AU) – Faculty of Engineering – Geophysical Engineering Department

The Department of Geophysical Engineering belongs to the Ankara University (AU) Faculty of Engineering, Turkey, and aims at: educating the geophysical engineers who can follow daily developments in science and technology in geophysics, make professional multi-disciplinary applications, and start professional activities just after their graduation without any extra education about their occupation.

Name: Assoc. Professor Candansayar M. Emin
Telephone: +03122033399
Fax: +03122120071

The Department of Geophysical Engineering within the Ankara University consists of the Earth Science Data Processing Laboratory:

Assoc. Prof.: M. E. Candansayar
Research Assoc.: N. Y. Gündoğdu, E. Erdoğan, I. Demirci,  and Ö. Özyıldırım.

The Earth Science Data Processing Laboratory is specialized in multi-dimensional (1D, 2D and 3D) modeling and inversion in electrical and electromagnetic methods (DCR, IP, MT, RMT). Since 1997, this laboratory headed numerous national and an international projects regarding modeling and inversion of electrical and electromagnetic data and their applications for crust structure investigation, water resources detection, waste site exploration, archeological and geotechnical investigations, mineral resources exploration and positioning.